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El Salvador Marks 50th Anniversary with Historical Museum

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What do USAID, Peace Corps, go-go boots, and the Apollo spacecraft have in common? They all got their start in the 1960s! In order to celebrate the joint USAID/Peace Corps 50th Anniversary, agency staff invited guests at the annual Embassy 4th of July Party in El Salvador to take a walk through history and experience the achievements of both agencies over the past five decades.

The joint exhibit, entitled “Together for 50 Years,” included  photography of USAID and Peace Corps projects from the 1960s until today, historical documents related to USAID programs, informational videos, and pop-culture items from each decade.  Special emphasis was placed on President John F. Kennedy’s contribution to the development of both agencies, and the long-lasting alliances between the United States and Latin America.

Staff and volunteers, some of them dressed in period costume, were on hand to answer questions from the embassy’s distinguished visitors, which included Salvadoran government officials, religious leaders, private sector representatives, members of the diplomatic corps, USAID partners, and other special guests.  The 50th Anniversary Museum was made possible thanks to local staff, who generously lent historical items to the exhibit, as well as research to locate historical photos that had been kept by current and former USAID employees.

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