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Providing Relief from Tropical Storm Stan

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In October of 2005, Tropical Storm Stan hit Central America and Mexico, and in its wake killed an estimated 2,000 people. The highest death toll, however, was in Guatemala, which suffered more than 900 landslides, some burying entire villages. Stan hit the most productive and populated areas as well as those with the highest poverty levels in the country. Estimates are that approximately 3.5 million Guatemalans (30% of total population) suffered either loss of life, property or access to basic services.

USAID played and continues to play a role in response and relief efforts in Guatemala. Immediately after the storm, USAID had  delivered 161 tons of food, medical supplies and communications equipment, evacuated 41 people, and flown Guatemalan firefighters, aid workers and doctors to communities in need. The long-term overarching goals of the USAID Stan-related reconstruction efforts are consistent with three Strategic Objectives: to strengthen local government responsiveness (in this case, to victims of Stan), promote rural economic growth, and invest in and safeguard public health. More specifically, the goal is to help affected persons in Guatemala rebuild their lives and livelihoods and to train families and communities to mitigate against future natural disasters.  Guatemalans have worked, shoulder-to-shoulder with USAID to build more resilient families and communities.

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