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New Opportunities for Southern Sudan

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“Our mission is about bringing hope and opportunity and benefits to people who suffer greatly, who don’t benefit from an increasingly interconnected world, and who still suffer from diseases or hunger that we know we can conquer and we know we can solve.” USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah

For 22 years, civil war engulfed Sudan. Finally, in 2005, a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was reached that put an end to the conflict and opened the door to long-term peace and stability.

The U.S. Government was a key player in negotiating the CPA, and after the signing, USAID, which had been working in Sudan for decades, ramped up its assistance to support southern Sudan on its path to development. Over the past six years of work across sectors—from health and education to economic growth and good governance—U.S. foreign assistance has helped contribute to improved lives for millions of southern Sudanese.

The progress was crystallized over the past few years in an extraordinary succession of electoral milestones required by the CPA: the first nationwide census in 15 years, the first multiparty national elections in 24 years, and the historic 2011 referendum in which southern Sudanese chose to form a new nation.

We invite you to learn more about these programs and how America’s support has made a difference in the lives of the southern Sudanese people, breathing opportunity and hope into a nation that stands ready to chart a new course to a more prosperous and stable future.

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