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USAID’s 50th Anniversary Event

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On November 3rd 2011 – USAID’s 50th anniversary – Vice President Joe Biden and Caroline Kennedy spoke at an event about the impact of the agency and the staff who work around the world to help countries lift themselves out of poverty.

USAID Administrator Raj Shah discussed the agency’s commitment to using innovative technologies to overcome global development challenges, and Angelique Kidjo brought everyone in the auditorium to their feet with her music.

About 1,000 USAID employees attended the event and many more watched from missions abroad via livestream.

Vice President Biden congratulates USAID on 50 years

“Together, all USAID employees are much more than just the sum total of your important work. You are the public face of America.”

Caroline Kennedy reflects on her father’s vision for USAID 50 years ago

“You all share a unique set of characteristics – personal courage, the inability to tolerate human suffering, the compulsion to act in the face of injustice and an unshakable conviction that problems can be solved if we actively pursue their solutions.”

USAID Administrator Raj Shah on USAID’s future

“Fifty years ago today, President Kennedy founded the United States Agency for International Development. In the fifty years since, the men and women of USAID have worked on the frontlines of poverty and conflict, laying the foundation for a safer, more peaceful world.”

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