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Videos: Celebrating 50 years of Partnership in Kenya

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USAID is celebrating 50 years of partnership with Kenya to promote health, education, economic growth, democracy, and peace. The videos below highlight USAID’s history and accomplishments in Kenya along with first-hand perspectives on how Kenyans lives have improved as a result of USAID’s programs.


Education is an important component of reducing poverty, promoting peace, and empowering individuals to participate in democratic institutions. Since 2003, primary school enrollment has increased more than 50 percent in Kenya. This video provides an overview of USAID’s education programs and particularly focuses on efforts to reach vulnerable, marginalized children through innovative education services.


Securing Kenya’s future is closely linked to strengthening its public health. This video provides an overview of how USAID has provided assistance to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic, control malaria, and provide access to voluntary family planning.


In northern Kenya, a drought-prone landscape is also home to nomadic herders and a range of wildlife. In 2004, USAID began to invest in this region to promote locally-managed conservation, which has major benefits for wildlife and people alike. This video provides an overview of how USAID has invested in natural resource management and tourism as a sustainable method of providing income and security for Kenyans.


A robust agricultural sector provides both food and economic security to a country. In recognition of 50 years of USAID working in partnership with Kenya, this video provides an overview of how USAID has helped Kenyan farmers improve the growth and sales of maize, dairy, flower, and passion fruit products.

Democracy and Governance

For 50 years, USAID has supported democratic institutions and processes in Kenya. The U.S. strengthens civil society groups, trains election observers, and promoted a free, fair and peaceful constitutional referendum in 2010.


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